here are my early 2018 class schedule, others posted later in the year


Please note: All classes start at 11am unless stated on a particular class,  all are on Sunday running about 4 to 5 hours depending on production and progress.  It's hands on but if you prefer to watch no problems.  I limit classes to 12 people.

The classes are 100 dollars per person per class and if a gift certificate if needed we can issue one for the class.  To secure a spot in a class you must pre-pay, no exceptions nor do I hold spots. Make sure you pick a class you can attend, because of limited space there are no rescheduling, if you miss a class no refunds so please pick carefully and make sure you don't miss out.

You'll eat what you prepare so if you don't eat much and/or want to take home with you please bring food containers with you.

You can call 757.397.0900 or email your information for credit card to me at, I will need card number, expiration date, security code and zip code for that card or you may also mail a check made to Sydney Meers, and sent to 2622 Detroit Street, Portsmouth, VA 23707

If you choose to mail a check your slot will not be booked until receipt of payment.  And please send me your phone and your email so we can remind you a week ahead of the class date.  

For more information please call 757.397.0900 before 4 pm Wednesday through Friday or email me at            Thanx for your interest, Sydney

January 21 - a carnivore's delight

100 dollars per person

 This is a beautiful, moist and delicious vegen cake with a mouthful of flavor, Ms Betsy's Most Excellent Cake! the end

This is a beautiful, moist and delicious vegen cake with a mouthful of flavor, Ms Betsy's Most Excellent Cake! the end

this class is about beef, pork and fowl.  you’ll learn about cutting up and trimming meats, making sausage and brine solutions for short curing of poulet, lol, chicken and pork, we’ll make a corn cake with pork belly, a venison meatloaf and my really delicious fried chicken


february 18 - Baking and pastry

100 dollars per person     

we’ll make pie, tarts in different pans, tartlet plus galettes and      custards from drinkable to ice cream and all in-between showing the versatility of    custard.  we’ll make different doughs and how to take a sweet cheese cake and change into a savory one.  a great and intense class


march 18 -the savory class            

100 dollars per person              

I like to do a little dessert and bread with this class.  we’ll make all fish in this class with breads that pare well with them including pie dough lined skillets, fried pies that are filled with shrimp and cheese to name a few.  we’ll pan fry, saute and grill fish with condiments to compliment


April 15 - savory, artisan and sweet breads 

100 dollars per person

our focus will be on artisan breads but we’ll also make some stove bread, brioche sweet and savory, soft rolls corn muffins, multigrain and fruit breads, we’ll even make biscuits that we also turn into a dessert, a fun intense class with lots of variations for bread.  this is a really good and almost exalting day so wear good shoes and eat a good breakfast


April 29 - the syd and betsy show!

100 dollars per person

omnivore and vegan.  My friend Betsy Dijulio is a vegan and has written a vegan cook book so we decided to do some side by side dishes that we’ll make my omnivore way and her vegan was, we’ll do some savory, sweet and you can even buy a copy of her book if you want.  She’s also a food writer on top of teaching and being my frin which is a hand full so don’t miss this one


i'll post next classes before the end of spring, enjoy  

Thanx, Sydney