here are my early 2017 class schedule


Please note: All classes start at 11am unless stated on a particular class,  all are on Sunday running about 4 to 5 hours depending on production and progress.  It's hands on but if you prefer to watch no problems.  

The classes are different prices and noted in the title.  To secure a spot in a class you must pre-pay, no exceptions nor do I hold spots. Make sure you pick a class you can attend, because of limited space there are no rescheduling, if you miss a class no refunds so please pick carefully and make sure you don't miss out.

You'll eat what you prepare so if you don't eat much and/or want to take home with you please bring food containers with you.

You can call or email your information for credit card I will need card number, expiration date, security code and zip code for that card or you may also mail a check made to Sydney Meers, and sent to 2622 Detroit Street, Portsmouth, VA 23707

If you choose to mail a check your slot will not be booked until receipt of payment.  And please send me your phone and your email so we can remind you a week ahead of the class date.  

For more information please call 757.397.0900 before 4 pm Wednesday through Friday or email me at Thanx for your interest.

january 29th-meat Curing & Aging class -

85 dollars per person

These three are dangerous together, They've taken a bunch of classes and are dam good cooks to.

These three are dangerous together, They've taken a bunch of classes and are dam good cooks to.

You'll learn about curing and aging ham and we'll actually start the curing process on my hams that day.  You, in addition to taking this class, can also buy your own ham for 80 dollar more and each time something is being done to the hams during cure and aging process you can join in to see the progression of the ham if time allows you and whether or not you buy one.  You'll learn how to make my smoochie bear spicy ham which is similar to tasso and a shorter cure than salt cured ham.  how to dry age beef, make sausage as well, it's an intense class but so rewarding when we're all done.   Please note: if you wish to purchase a ham that will also need to be prepaid.  Hams will be here day of the class ready for us to work them and even if you don't buy a ham you'll still get to work the hams.


FEBRUARY 19th-artisan bread Class -

85 dollars per person     

We'll make Artisan Breads like Boule, Baguette and Multi Grain and enriched breads like Brioche, southern rolls and a yeast cornbread.  It's a good and intense class with lots of crusty breads to eat


March 12th the sweets class -            

85 dollars per person              

This class involves lots of different dessert styles.  Cakes, torte, pies and even specialty dessert like my infamous Morris Train which is an intense chocolate mousse plus how you can use winter squash, nuts and fruits in dessert plus more


March 26th the savory Class -

100 dollars per person

In this class we'll make different courses and show you how to make them at home for your guest as small plates or large ones.  We'll use fish, meat and even poultry depending on season's availability.  Also we will play with some veggies and sauces as well, then you'll eat it



more classes will be posted later for this year so stay posted if these don't interest you.  classes are small so book early so you don't miss out.  

Thanx, Sydney