I've bottled up my world famous D-Lish Sauce for you. It's been in the making for about 25 years and it's fabulous and sophisticated.  It has a lil Spice to it, a lot of fresh smoked tomato flavor and while a lil on the thick side it's also very fluide and at a whopping 16 fl. oz. it will last you a little while but we certainly want it to be eaten and not just a beautiful art piece in the refrigerator.  Besides, my cat's need shoes

Test-ta-monial: D-Lish...what else would you call it? It's not a BBQ sauce, not just a steak sauce either. Back in the late 80's someone had the nerve to ask me for some catsup. Well you can only imagine the horror on my face. Then one rainy day, I love rainy days, I concocted a great sauce. It's fabulous and sophisticated for fish, bird, beef, wild game, veggetables or as a vinaigrette or bloody mary.  Recipes on this page for you.  It finished out with 30 ingredients like turmeric, amaretto, smoked tomato, my coffee blend to name a few. There's more to the story but it would take me forever to spell check so when u c me I'll give u the full version. This D-Lish Sauce has been in the making for about 25 years so i think i'm done.  Now we've done our 3rd bottling for all our fans the world over. I'm doing all the chopping and prepping with some frins and staff then i take it to Willard and Greg who puts it into a nice bottle for me. I leave the dippin in wax for myself, it's soothing.

Where to buy my sauce: currently only in Hampton Roads area except for right here on my website.  I'll ship it anywhere.  Locally at specialty shops like all 7 locations of Taste Unlimited-Va Beach, Norfolk, Newport News & North Suffolk, Ghent Seafood in Ghent-Norfolk, Westside Produce & Provisions-Colley Ave, Norfolk,  the Creative Edge at Hilltop-Va Beach, Clarke Farm, Chesapeake, Artisan Bakery of Portsmouth which sales it at Old Beach Farmer's Market-19th st. Va Beach, East Beach Farmer's Market-Norfolk, Olde Towne Portsmouth Farmer's Market and Smithfield's Farmer's Market, at Wharf Hill Main St.-Smithfield and of course right here at Stove, the restaurant-PoNo neighborhood of Portsmouth and of course on this website.  if you go to the top browser bar and touch on the 'loose ends' you'll see some recipes and ideas on how to use D'Lish.  i post often so always refer back for more ideas and recipes.

August 22nd I'll have my new baby born, my Not Hot sauce.  It will be in stores near you next week.  A chili pepper sauce that's so balanced its layers are as powerful as the capsasen itself.  Not to hot but yet enough heat to make it fun and then with the sweet and savory to balance it out, dam it's good.  go get some!