Here's some of my fav photos of stove and the people that bother us.

Here are my systers and mom with my cousin peggy on the left.  they paid me a visit and we had a blast and so from the left it's peggy, debra, mom, vicki, dana and charleen, linda didn't make the trip which was probably fun for her with no one home in biloxi, LOL

Here's Jime, my french frin from billsburgh. It was late and her turned voodoo on me, that Jim.

Judy Clarke with her ghost and long island cheese, pumpkin & other squash.

This is my very first ever sous chef at my first hampton road's restaurant, thedumbwaiter bistro in norfolk.  she later married one of my waiters, daniel and they left years ago to go pursue her dream, owning a farm, raising goats and making cheese.  we serve it here and it is just wonderful.  u go gail hobbs paige jr., the end.

Tommy and his wife Dee Dee with da hams

My lovely garden that supplies stove with goodies

Bruce with a black drum he caught on the Eastern Shore tween Cape Charles and the first tunnel. He released it.

Bruce with a wahoo he caught 90 miles out from Hampton.