Neo Southern American Cuisine, whatever.


our next PoNo Restaurant Week is September 27th through 30th, join us for a 3 course tasting menu 35$ ,with pared wine 15$ more


a little about us:

hello everyone, welcome 2 Stove, the restaurant in sunny PoNo, the historic part of Port Norfolk which is in the historic city of Portsmouth in this crazy historic state of Virginia.  We are celebrating our 10th year in business with Halloween being the official day we opened.

I'm Sydney Meers and my cooking style has been tagged as neo-southern but i feel it's more Mid-Atlantic.  Being from Mississippi you'll see a touch of my home state of Mississippi, ingredients from up here in Virginia, some sourced from Louisiana and Mississippi as well.  My cooking style is a bit of what I've learned along the way from Miss., the Mid-Atlantic area, the California movement back in the 60's and 70's and even a touch of classical i learned along the way from French, German and Sweden which has contributed to my cooking style and philosophy.   I'm self taught, my grandmother really taught me cooking and still is a great influence even now.  I had a small cafe in the 70's in Mississippi, then on to Alabama and later here in Virginia some 5 or 6 years later and I added some education from Johnson and Wales university culinary arts program in mid career and having had the good luck of studying under some real good Chefs along the way like Hans Shadler, Marcel Desaunier, Marcel Walters and even my ole frin Monroe Duncan, the ultimate showman plus a few others along the way and voila, here I am years later and cooking up a storm. 

we here at Stove are very happy, proud and still in a lil shock.  I have been nominated for and am one of the Chef's who are up for a James Beard Award for Best Chef-Mid Atlantic area.  I'm a semi finalist and just couldn't be more excited to be in such a great group of Chefs. So, when your in town stop by for some good food, we'd love to see ya oh and please, no cry babies