Stove's Dinner Menu

Our Menu Courses: we serve some of the courses as small and large which are like app. & entree in other restaurants.  The ladies enjoy two smalls where the gentlemen seem to enjoy a small and a large but you can enjoy them anyway you wish.  We also do additions to the menu each week as well.  Prices range from $8 to $30 with small course from 8 to 15 and large from 23 to 30


artisan cheese plate
we offer several choices of cheese. they are priced by the piece
and include condiments which vary each night. select as many cheeses as you wish. here are some examples of cheeses i offer, my pimento cheese, my picant cheese, salt & pepper goat, vermont cherve, bellavitano black pepper cheddar with parma strain, bon bouche, blue jay with juniper berries and roquefort strain, cambozola, taleggio, cave aged with cumin seed, morbier, tumbleweed cheddar and many others.  we offer at least 12 cheeses each evening.  i usually always add my hamber relish, cumin crackers which i also will make different flavored cracker and other condiments, it's almost a meal in itself


baby arugula salad                                                                                 baby arugula lettuce with tomato, caper and mixed cheese compote tossed with a tomato water thyme vinaigrette and grilled smoked bacon

stove’s visiting green salad
different baby lettuces from the Suffolk farms, brother’s farm in n.c. and my la petite Ferme across street tossed with my regal dressing, pickled local radish and other condiments

house made ‘pork o rama’
my house made sausage, slow roast black pig pork belly, my city aged ham on smoochie bear ham, turnip & oyster mushroom with our stove sauce and a touch of my pork belly jam

gulf coast shrimp
jumbo (browns) gulf shrimp dipped in my 15 year old bread sponge batter deep fried light brown sided with my awarded D-Lish sauce

wild caught sockeye salmon
seared sockeye on a cool salad of smoked tomato, elephant garlic, lemon cucumber and turnip topped with a cornmeal goat cheese cake and a compound herb butter

syd’s PoNo shrimp and grits
Georgeanne 's stone ground grits cooked slow and creamy topped with gulf jumbo shrimp, tomato, pimento cheese, house sausage and fennel

PoNo Strip
Please note: we house age our strip loins. once ready we trim all fat and mold, etc. and you're left with a gorgeous piece of big ole meat.  when available we'll let you know. it’s a Hereford beef strip aged at least 40 days, it’s delicious and flavorful and because of the out come we cook it to medium rare, you'll love it

flat iron steak
grilled and served on pan roast of local shiitake, variegated baby purple potato, and tomato with our d-lish sauce, crisp smoked bacon with a touch of my pork belly jam

TheDumbwaiter ‘ole classic spicy etouffee’ 
jumbo shrimp and my house made smoochie bear ham with the holy trinity and smoked tomato on jalapeno sticky rice     (if you don't eat spicy foods normally, don't order this)                                        

visiting local fish
we have so many great fish running in our water from the rivers to the Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean and even dropping by once in a while from the west coast as well. i change the preparation each night so this one you'll get more info once your seated.  (fish that are running this season off and on are soft shell crabs, wreck fish, barrel fish, red fish, jumbo flounder, jumbo stripper bass-rock fish, ect.)

susan noland's mushroom melange                                                                                                                      my ole frin susan loved this dish and i just keep doing it, mushrooms vary but currently i'm getting local oyster, shiitake and loin's mane with a smoked tomato water, veggie stock and the trinity on georgeanne (original girt girl from oxford ms) rice grits and a red onion ring dipped with my 15 year old bread sponge

PoNo risotto                                                                                                                                                               carolina gold rice with local crowder peas, tomato and visiting summer squash cooked in a milk-veggie stock topped with my smoked sea salt & cracked pepper cherve and a fried local duck egg

local eastern shore oyster  
seaside wild oysters tossed in corn meal and corn flour fried with a creme fraiche and caper cold slaw and my d'lish sauce 


Dessert Menu

the 10 year tart                                                                                                                                                                                            in celebration of my 10th anniversary 2016 i created this bad boy for chocoholics, a bittersweet chocolate ganache tart topped with a semi sweet chocolate & pecan kind of nugget then topped with unsweet & white chocolate ganace sitting on a milk chocolate sauce

salty dog                                                                                                                                                                                                   this is another one of my favorite chocolate things, a semi sweet chocolate, 40% cream and a touch of sweet whiskey made into a custard style pie topped with a 64% chocolate ganache with a touch of my stove-tilly cream

lemon lime all the time                                                                                                                                                                             a lemon, lemon zest and lime mixed with whole buttermilk and just a big touch of butter mixed into a chess style pie topped with a lemon white chocolate ganache sitting on a lemon white chocolate sauce

la petite cobbler                                                                                                                                                                                         these are small indivigual cobblers made with the fruit of the season.  i mix the fruit with a lemon, butter and sugar slurry and bake off with smoked sea salt sprinkled on top sitting on a whiskey caramel sauce

soon to b world famous chocolate chocolate pecan torte                                                                                                                  a flour-less torte of chocolate, ground pecan and tart dry cherries topped with a white chocolate ganache then topped again with a dark chocolate ganache sitting on a sweet chocolate sauce

vanilla bean cake                                                                                                                                                                                        a decadent white layer vanilla bean cake with a touch of house make vanilla extract topped with fresh fruit of the season like right now strawberries out of my la petite ferme and some of glorious heavy whipped cream with no sugar added but some whiskey for sure

i change my desserts each week but above are some great examples

Stove's April Brunch Menu    

 Our Brunch is always on the 1st Sunday of each month including July 4th weekend.  Prices range from $6 to $22.  below is one of the past menus which changes


a delicious salad of local mixed baby lettuce, butter, arugula, and curly leaf with fresh picked diakon radish, garden tomato and mustard vinaigrette
picant cheese plate (a spicy pimento cheese with our 'Not Hot' sauce added, hamburger relish and cracker cheese plate with my PoNo ham, our country ham we make across the street at la Petite Ferme

'the iron skillet' - pan fried wreck fish on purple potato turnip hash with a country ham creole sauce and local duck egg topped again with a drizzle of my not hot sauce sprinkled with white cheddar and oven roasted, dam crazy

my PoNo city cured ham with a multi mixed cheese omelet topped with smoked tomato gravy, georgeanna's grits and a fresh fruit salad

fresh from my garden strawberry pancakes with syd’s secret sorghum syrup and our house made sausage, delicious cooked to perfection scramble eggs and creamy Mississippi grits 

brioche & dinner bread fruit of the season bread pudding french toast griddle with sausage & smoked bacon, fresh fruit and my Miss. grits with scrambled eggs

The Platter: a PoNo ham biscuit with my pork belly jam, sausage, slow roast pork belly, potato smoochie bear ham pan roast and fried duck eggs with fresh seasonal fruit (I've been known to add to this dish a slice of my pork pie or savory pimento cheesecake)

PoNo city cured ham risotto with tomato, root veggies, reduced in milk and veggie stock topped with a peppered fried duck egg and salt & pepper goat cheese

'beyound benidic'  local jumbo lump crab cake on house brioche with lamb sweetbreads, a fried peppered duck egg topped with a smoked tomato pimento gravy and sided with grit girl grits & pickled strawberries


Syd’s Shrimp & Grits, a delicious dish of sausage, pimento cheese, tomato water shrimp stock and the holy trinity of the deep south on Mississippi grits  (holy trinity is a deep south mirepoix but with the trinity bell pepper instead of carrots)
beef tenderloin steak on a pan roast of oyster & shiitake mushrooms, try-color fingerling potato and rutabaga topped with compound mix cheese butter
loin's mane, shiitake & oyster mushroom melange with a pan roast of local root veggies, veggie stock, sticky rice and topped with salt & pepper goat cheese
saute  fish on rutabaga and turnip with a shiitake, oyster and loin's mane mushroom creme
deep south shrimp and smoochie bear ham etouffee on jalapeño sticky rice with a dark roux, smoked tomato water and shrimp stock      (this is a spicy dish and i don't tone it down, it's an etouffee)  
soft shell crabs on a pan saute of jumbo shrimp, root veggies and green cone cabbage, a slice of crisp slow roasted pork belly and pork belly jam to finish

wild caught wreck fish on sticky rice with a gulf shrimp and smoochie bear ham creole sauce, this rare catch is a must for any fish o file, the end

the Skillet

a pan roast of purple potato, scallions and smoked tomato with grilled pork paillards then topped with a slice of country  ham topped with a smoked tomato gravy, fried duck egg and finished with white vermont cheddar cheese with a touch of potlikker for dippin my buiscuts!


the salty dog, a bittersweet chocolate ganache tart with a semi sweet chocolate ganche on top sitting on a sweet chocolate sauce sprinkled with smoked sea salt

la petite cobbler, small indivigual cobblers filled with different fruits depending on fruits of the season tossed in a lemon butter slurry drizzeled with a lemon fondant and a caramel sauce

the tunnel toll tart, in celebration the wonderful toll fee for the new tunnel i make a great chocolate pie with hubs peanuts topped with a white chocolate peanut ganache then topped with a dark chocolate ganache sitting on a sweet chocolate sauce and garnished with stovetilly cream

the 'not fruit cake', a delicious way to eat a fruit cake without doing it, a creme fraiche custard with pecans and dry cherries and a touch of coconut with a vanilla bean caramel sauce

i make all kinds of desserts which change but this will give you a good idea of some of our desserts, see you soon.



Our next PoNo Restaurant Week will be July 26th thru July 29th with select wines for tasting as well

3  courses 35 dollars and if you want the wines with each course just 15 dollars more

call 757.397.0900 for reservations

below was one of my past menus to give you an idea

1st Course

rain or shine farm's baby lettuces with a regal dressing and smoked tomato, crisp bacon

and diakon curls


last of the season's hubbard squash bisque with my bread sponge 

battered honey crips apple


        2nd course                                                                                            

a mixed grill of flat iron steak and slow roasted pork belly

sitting on a pan saute fo root veggies and my d-lish sauce


saute coalfish (in the family of haddock-cod-pollack) on mississippi delta 

rice grits with a mixed cheese and smoked sea salt compound butter


3rd course

the milky way, a devine milk chocolate ganache custard tart topped

with a bittersweet chocolate ganache sitting on a sweet chocolate sauce


the not fruit cake, better than fruit cake even if u don't like fruit cake, it's a lemon 

buttermilk custard with dry cherries and pecans sitting on a lemon white chocolate sauce