D'lish has landed and more

D'Lish sauce is in bottles now and are sold in all the Taste stores in the hampton roads area and of course right here at Stove as well as here on dis new web site. there are a few other locations we'll soon be in as well, more later and remember, you should get some, it's really good and my kids need shoes

Now, here is a video that is in the archives of the Southern Food ways Alliance's new oral history project.  It's really cool and a 100 years from now folks from all over the world and parts of the moon can see this and others so go to the site and check it out.  Sara Wood made the video and interview and loved eating all my pork products.  check it out and enjoy, sydney


Here's another just launched piece that ran locally and up in Richmond Va. as well, this link will show the food writers-Lorraine Eaton & Jim Haag's top 30 places to eat before u die! We love being in that group and here's a link:www.styleweekly.com/richmond/menus-for-miles/

OMGordon, my good ole home state of  Mississippi has a great magazine which somehow found me and did a little mention on me and Stove in the April/May issue of 'Eat.Drink.Mississippi' and it's a dam good mag. If you get a chance go to http://southernfoodways.org/  and check it out, join it even.  They are devoted to the preservation of the southern foods, history and documenting every part of it.  I am a member and it just happens to be about 45 minutes from my house when I lived in Mississippi.  It's location is Oxford Mississippi at Ole Miss University.  Anyway, check it out and get involved.

June 3rd 2015 WHRO, our local public tv and radio plus now internet station is kickin with new creative shows and stories.  below is a link from a feature they did on their segment called 'The Scene"  it's about featuring local artist on their web site and if any of them turn out to b good they may even make it to television.  i was feature in early june, my peace titled 'Appetite for Creation'  Kenny and Shannon rocked this thing out, it's a great video and if i can figure out how to do a link you can go straight there.  Till then go to WHRO.org, once there search sydney meers and it should come up. well, i'm challenged.  i don't know how to make it a hyperlink so just copy and paste if interested, ha