About the sauces and what to do with them.


    First and foremost D'Lish is a great sauce used with aged beef, grilled or sauté fish, duck, really any wild game, and of course good ole free range chicken.  But, as fate would have it you can also use this for a dressing, marinade, bbq sauce, vinaigrette, even a dessert sauce....not really but it's very versatile and i did use it in a chocolate dessert with smoked bacon and it rocks, recipe follows plus we use it for our bloody mary mix on Sunday Bruch to.  Below are some recipes for you and try them all because I want this to b your go to sauce instead of all those overly sugared tomato based things that i want mention names, u know what I'm sayin.....

   Did I mention the Not Hot sauce, what was i thinking.  the Not Hot is called that because of the multi choices of hot sauces out there with a lot of them being way to hot for food or drink.  I design my sauce to have a lil heat but not at the sacrifice of flavor to food and i think it's really a good food and drink sauce.  I grow tabasco peppers, ferment them, age them and then bottle after the correct time of age and this sauce can be used with a lot of the recipes that follow, i'll mention the ones i use it with but really it works well with all of them and with different proportions of each you can also have a great new sauce to.  

    Recipes: with more to come

1da cowboy syd’s vinaigrette: 

take 2 oz. de-lish sauce, 4 oz. white vinegar, 1 oz. olive oil, 1 tbl. spoon white sugar, mix all together in a mixer on medium low speed for 12 to 15 minute to blend well and emulsify, place in a container in the refrigerator and after a couple of hours minimum you will have a nice salad vinaigrette.  you can add to this 1 tbl. of not hot to this to give a lil spice kick as well

2da cowboy syd’s bbq sauce: 

take 5 oz. de-lish sauce, add 4 oz. chopped fine smoked tomatoes with the tomato water left when you chop them and 3 oz. catsup vinaigrette, recipe below.  3 chilies of your choice, I use jalapeno my self, 2 scallions chopped rough and 1/2 oz. of mixed herbs like basil and oregano, and a couple of stems of thyme.  cook it down on medium low flame for 20ish minutes and remove to cool.  once cooled puree, strain and bottle it placing it in the refrigerator.  I also like to at times and depending on meat i'm using add 2 to 3 oz. of not hot to this and it steps it up a bit, dam good


8 OZ. organic heinz catsup
1/2 cup cold press olive oil
1/2 cup balsamic vinegar
1/2 cup white wine vinegar
1 oz. black ground pepper
1 tsp. sea salt
1 tbl. Worcestershire sauce
1 tsp ‘Not Hot’ sauce

Mix all ingredients together whisking for a couple of minutes to blend well, in a food processor is ideal and let it run for 10 to 12 minutes to get a touch of emulsion going on.    This greatness is ready for use, bon bo tete toe, which in french means absolutely nothing.    Will keep in the fridge for quite some time, but use the stuff, it beats catsup anytime. 


pick your vodka of choice, (recently i pared d'lish with TiTo's handcrafted Vodka & it was nice) and pour about 2 to 2 1/2 oz. into a shaker, then pour 3 to 4 oz. D'Lish into shaker, juice of 1/2 lemon and a tablespoon or two of smoked tomato concasse and 2 oz. of tomato water or juice.  stir and fill with ice, cover and shake vigorously for about a minute to get a good blend and a nice chill.  pur ice and all into your choice of a glass or clay pot if you wish and garnish with the leafy end of celery and 1/2 wedge of lime and you've got one of the most delicious bloodies ever made in the world.  Now, i also like to sometimes just add two caps full of not hot and have a 'get over your hangover' bloody and get my day going


in a mixing bowl mix 1 cup duke's mayo, 1/4 cup maille dijon mustard, 1/4 cup of cold press olive oil, 1/2 cup white vinegar and 1 tbl. of white sugar and 1 tsp. of course sea salt..  whisk with a balloon whisk till you start to emulsify, scrape down sides and add 6 oz. D'Lish and repeat mixing to get a good blend.   at this point check viscosity and flavor, if to thick for u dilute with 1 oz. increments of vinegar or to thicken more add same amount of mayo. once you're there add the final ingredient, 3 hard boiled farm chicken eggs, (duck eggs are really good and i leave my half cook, just sayin) and blend into mixture.  it's also perfect with sliced tomato and romaine or even baby lettuces, this dressing is also good used as a dip for boil shrimp, crab or batter fried fish


take 6 oz. d'lish, 4 oz. catsup vinaigrette, (recipe above) , juice of one lemon and zest and 8 oz. cider vinegar (5% acidity).  chop  3 stalks sweet basil, 6 stalks of oregano (pull leaves off and save stems for other uses) and do a rough chop adding one chopped medium cut of red onion.  mix well and toss what you need with your meat.  once done and food is cooked you can take the marinade and reduce in a pan with a touch of vegetable stock and reduce till where you want it and now you have a sauce for your dish as well. this will work with fish too, i did a rock fish slider on a biscuit and boy was it divine.  I have taken tough cuts of port and beef tossed and rubbed with not hot and after 24 hours it is in the meat and act a a tenderizer to.  then i grill like that, slow cook depending on what's on my mind for end results and i've even brushed my meat with d'lish after cooking to sweeten it up a little but if you like heat just go for it, better than hot wings baby.


peel and season jumbo (Miss. Gulf preferred) and set aside.  I use my bread sponge but you can also do a tempura or beer batter.  once ready dip your shrimp just to the tail and drop into 375 deep fryer or on your stove top with 4 inches oil.  fry till they float and get a touch of browning but don't over cook.  once done place a large bowl with D'Lish sauce and place shrimp around the edge of bowl, pick up when ready and dip, this is a great combo


10 jumbo shrimp with 6 - 1/2 ounce sausage pack in a ball shape (make u'r own sausage if possible), 1 cup smoked tomato or if you can't smoke them regular will work fine) and chop into concasse, 2 stalks celery, 1/2 of a red onion chopped and 1 red or green bell pepper chopped.  1 lobe of elephant garlic, roasted and a nice dark roux with a cup or so of seafood stock.  saute the holy trinity (celery, onion & pepper) till it starts to sweat, add tomato, spice seasoning or my Not Hot sauce, which ever you prefer and saute for a few more minutes then add stock and roux, stir-taste-adjust if needed.  once it develops and is of your viscosityness (syd speak) add sausage and shrimp, increase fire and toss to blend and once to your liking in flavor and thickness remove, pour over a bowl of rice and eat it.  

8 D'Lish smoked bacon chocolate ganache tart

it sounds crazy but i did it in my meat class and dam if it doesn't really taste wonderful.  after tweaking the formula a few times i got it ready to become a bonafide recipe for you.  go for it, it's awesome oh and of course use a hi grade of chocolate like El Ray, CocoBerry Valrahna, Seattle Chocolates, ect.

first, prepare pie pan with a sugar dough, (recipe follows), set aside

6 oz. 64% (bittersweet) Chocolate, 6 oz. 40% cream, 1 oz. D'lish and 2 oz. unsalted butter and two strips smoked bacon seared in a pan, pour off fat and save, chop bacon and add to chocolate.  Melt in a microwave machine for 1 minute 20 seconds at medium temperature, remove and stir to melt all chocolate, set aside to cool

in a mixing bowl crack 3 large eggs with 4 oz. white sugar and 2 oz. sorghum syrup using a rubber spatula and a whisking motion pull eggs and sugars together till it thick and you see no egg snot (separated eggs) then you can add the chocolate mixture all at once stirring with a spatula to pull the two together.  Now, pour in prepared pan and bake for 18 minutes in a 350 convection oven.  cooking times will vary as u'r not using my stove so test at 18 minutes, if not done cook another 3 minutes till done, don't over cook!  Remove from oven and let completely cool before topping with a ganache which follows

ganache-8 oz. 55% chocolate (semi sweet), 6 oz. 40% heavy cream and 1 tsp D'Lish sauce.  Place in a glass bowl and melt in the microwave for 1 minute 20 seconds.  remove, stir to melt all chocolate and let cool before pouring on top of tart.  let that set for 2 hours or more and serve and keep at room temperature till finished.  you can serve this with a sweet chocolate sauce like 4 oz. sweet chocolate, 1 oz. of the left over lard, 4 oz. heavy cream and 1 oz. whole milk.  put in a glass bowl and melt as above for micro chocolate, whisk smooth and cool till ready for use.  place on bottom of plate and set tart on top and go to town eating this bad boy, xo sydney

sugar dough

1 lb. unsalted butter, 1 cup white sugar-beat this in a mixer with the paddle attachment till light and creamy, about 3 to 5 minutes.  scrape down sides and add 6 cups all purpose flour, raise bowl and using the paddle turn maching on lowest speed and let it just pull together, stop so as not to over mix and you have enough dough to make 4 - 9 inch pans 

9 rock fish sliders

cut into 3 oz. portions fresh rock fish from jumbo filets but any size will work.  place in a pyrex glass bowl one at a time, coat all over with the D'Lish and repeat as many times as needed.  I make biscuits but you can use rolls, sliced and toasted bread for these.  you can grill, griddle or fry these.  oil you cooking surface and then place them on and cook to med. rare, place on your bread o choice and it's great just like that or you can put slaw, pickle relish or more D'Lish on the bread and then the fish.  i did these at a food writer's convention and place baby arugula on there with the fish and on a buttermilk biscuit and dam it was good, they voted it their fav for the event.  the end on that, LOL

10 Grand dad’s wheaties and poached egg

1 bowl of Wheaties, topped with a poached egg, then pour a little of the D'Lish over top and cut egg, mix all toghther and you've got yourself a great low cal meal.  My grand dad would eat this but with ketsup and so i tried it with D'Lish and dam it's good.  I even do an egg dish on the brunch menu where i do a ham pan roast, top with porkbelly, then add a fried duck egg and drizzle my Not Hot all over it, but this is great to when u crack the yolk and the sauce mixes.

11 another sauce for the refrigerator

my D'Lish is a great sauce but if you take 2 part D'Lish and 1 part Not Hot sauce and mix together you have now just made a great sauce to pour on your eggs, use with a steak or pork and really just endless possibilities.  

12 Fish/pig's bloody cocktail

take a shaker and fill with a little ice, add 2 oz. of your favorite vodka, (I use Skyy, it's a mild flavor and work well without competing with the Not Hot), now add 1 to 3 dashes of Not Hot and the juice of a quarter of lemon, squeezed into shaker and shake for a minute or so to get a real good froth and chill to it, then pour into a rocks glass that has a course sea salted rim.  this drink will cure what ills you, LOL well you'll certainly think so.

13 flat iron steak skewers

take your flat iron, cut into 1 inch thick pieces going across the width and cut them the full length of the cut of meat, you'll get about 6 to 8, depending how you purchase them and you'll want to skewer them.  I then rub them with a lil sea salt course and then rub in a little bit of Not Hot, set in refrigerator for 2 to 3 hours, remove and then coat with D'LIsh and let stand at room temperature for about 20 minutes, then grill to medium rare.  If needed you can also take them and dip in extra D'Lish and eat them

14 D-Lish-b-q

1 boston butt, trim outer excess fat, cut into several medium size pieces and coat in salt and pepper, then rub some d-lish all over it, place in a roasting pan and fill with about an inch of water. wrap with foil, place in a 325 degree oven and cook for 3 hours or till it is tender and falls apart when picked with a pair of tongs. once done and you’ve pulled all pork (you can chop if you prefer) toss with d-lish again and get it coated the way you like, you can also toss a touch of my Not Hot sauce as well and have a nice spicy que. it’s great hot or at room temp to eat.

15 syd’s summer cocktail

take a shaker, place some ice in it, add amount of vodka you like, squeeze a touch of lemon in there and add a cap full of Not Hot sauce, shake till ice cold and frothy, pour into a glass with the ice or strain if you prefer a martini, it’s so refreshing, the spicy is lots of fun and seems to help my arteries, LOL