March Madness, Springish notes

Hello all, so February had some crazy warm weather and now, today the 15th o March we are now in 26 degree weather.  Go figure but in spite of that we're gettin on with it with our PoNo Restaurant Week the Third week of March, April, May, June, July, August, September and ending with the growing season in October with the fall pumpkins, squashes and root veggies.  There are still a lot of good food grown for fall and all through winter weather remitting but I do need some time off, lol.

it's time to start the garden soil and in late april it should be ready for the grown.  we're getting the tabasco pepper plants going so they'll be ready for my new raised beds that Georg of Artisan Bakery is building for me.  My bees are starting to roam a little so i know it's not long to good weather and the hams are hanging and aging so it's a beautiful world.

We've redecorated the inside of bar and dinning room with a soothing dark blue which accents my art much better and getting ready to launch my new menu so even we're waking up for spring.  Got a new cocktail list with some fun drinks and just produced a big batch of D-Lish sauce for the grilling season and my aging of the Not Hot tabasco sauce is just about done with it's aging and soon to be bottled so look out spring, here we go, xo sydney 

Summer 2016 is here!

I'm glad for warmer weather, got the garden planted, all the rain made it jump with one of the best strawberry crops I've ever had.  Doing the last planting and once done i'll then be on my way to bottling my new sauce, the 'Not Hot' chili sauce.  I grown the Tabasco and other chilies.  after harvest i ferment them for a while in sea salt i smoke then age them in my cousin's ole whiskey barrels before bottling making it in a way a vintage sauce as i produce one to two batches per year.  It's designed to be a hot sauce that is designed to be used with foods of all kinds, is organic and non gmo.  It's delicious just on your finger so look for it in June in stores around the Hampton Roads area or here on this website.

That's all for now, i'll keep you posted as the summer progresses so go out and have fun remembering to come by and eat some good garden foods with fish and meats, xo Sydney


well happy spring to you all.  My bees survived the winter and are kicking buttt.  Getting ready to plant my tabascos, herbs and okra plus a few other plants, getting ready to pepper and smoke the hams to.  Yep, spring has indeed sprung.

speaking of art i'll be at the monticello arcade Monday 13th from noon to 1:30 for a 'Meet the Artist' before the show comes down the 15th so if you didn't see it and want to come on by and see me, the show is fun beautiful art and if you can't make it i'll have it up in Stove so you can see it there for sure.

got good shad roe coming in, some of the first soft shell crabs coming out of south carolina, i do these guys each year before the virginia crabs come in and they are big and beautiful and did i mention expensive, but who cares they're the first of the season so get on in hear, they arrive on friday.

did i mention my sister's are all here from miss., tenn. and missouri.  spending a lil time with the bro and boy do they talk loud, LOL.  i probably do as well.

that's about it for now, come on in and eat some good food, xo syd stove person 

Oh, one more bit of news, i didn't get past the semifinals of the James Beard Awards but i'm recognized as one of 20 best chef's in the mid-atlantic region and out of some 2000 + folks, that's dam good so i'm very happy with this recognition and flattered to be voted into this special group of elite gentlemen.  love yall to, xo sydney

Early Spring, James Beard 'Best Chef' semi finalist!

Wow, you know when i got my first car I didn't think life could get any better but just last week I found out i'm a semi finalist in a group of really good Chef for a James Beard award.  It's a surreal yet wonderful feeling to be in this place and especially a southern Chef.  

If I go all the way or not an inch further doesn't matter sort of, I've been selected through a large group of chefs and i feel as if I've won already just being here and seen by my peers as one of the best which put me here as a finalist.  It's the greatest recognition one in my career field could ever hope to get.    March 15th will be the date I hear if I made it to the finalist round so buckle you seatbelts and ride with me till it stops, then we'll go eat and live happy ever after.  the end

There's more news but i'm to excited right now so look later and i'll post more spring happenings, xo sydney, the stove person

The New Year Happenings, Feb 2016

January turned out to be hectic which was a good thing.  Went to a mercantile in San Francisco to introduce the west coast to my D'Lish sauce and my new baby not yet out, the 'Not Hot' sauce.  Had a great time, met some great new customers and even made it to the first day of the Fancy Food Show, which was real big.  Met folks from out there who were representing Virginia and i learned that there will be a Food Expo in March so i'll be off and running for that.

February turns out to be even more crazy.  I have an art show in the Monticello Arcade March 9th and then the next week on the 15th i'll see how well i fared as it turns out i'm a semifinalist for the most prestigious award in this country, the best chef award from the James Beard Foundation.  Of course I'm totally excited this has happened just to be nominated for this is incredible especially since Hampton Roads area has so many really good Chefs.  I think i'll have a whiskey...

So January, February and March are going in a great directions so lets hope in spite of the stupid presidential race and our dysfunctional congress not only in Washington but here in Virginia and even some good comedy acts right here in lovely Portsmouth.  Good thing we have food to keep us from all that crap but enough jabber, i got to go cook, talk to you later, xo sydney

Late Autumn to early Winter

We'll, it's turning cold here but not to bad yet, i've got tons of winter squash and pumpkins to hold me over till next years crops start to come in.  been winterizing my bees for the cold to.  they had a great summer building a ton of honey, i made them some delicious sugar water cooked with my garden blooms so it's like the real stuff for them, they're very happy and seem to be ready for the cold, i just hope it's nothing like last winter, dam it was cold and i lost a bunch of my babies.

Speaking of D'Lish, it's up for a national award with the group called 'Good Food Award' out in San Francisco where i'll be heading early next year to sell some D'Lish to the west coast.

First part of next year i hope to be putting my next bottling out there called the 'Not Hot' sauce, a spicy but flavorful sauce that actually goes with foodand doesn't but a hole in ur butt, lol

I have from my frin Bruce Edmund of Sam Rust Seafood some lamb coming, he's branching out and in good time, it's been hard to find anyone around local area that can supply to restaurants.  Most cater to the farmer's markets or clubs but now Border Spring Virginia Lamb is coming in tomorrow and i'll be in good shape with a good source now so get ready for some local lamb and it's at a better than national price for lamb.

September, beginning of autumn

WOW, i've been so busy with the bees, garden and cooking i didn't notice that it's time almost for the garden to sleep.  My okra, horseradish and Tabasco are still kicking but they always go to the very last.  it's almost what we call the Indian Summer, hotter than a jet's exhaust but so beautiful at the same time.  My country hams are just now readying and soon my ole bees will slow down and prepare for winter.  we do on occasion have a whisky together during the cold but if it's real cold we don't bother with that.

i've had some great times this summer, on of the best for watermelon of which so far i've eaten 26 and i still have four to go, you would think i would have lost some of that last winter's fat but hell no, it's still there and who cares, that watermelon is so good.  But, what i do really like about autumn is the fish are really good this time of year, i'm getting (wild caught of course) Sockeye Salmon which is about done for the season, Tau Taug, Jumbo Rock fish, Wreck fish, Barrel fish, the list grows but a dam good season for fishes.  Havent had as much time this summer to go on my world's shortest vacations but i think this fall i will.  The eastern shore becons.

this fall will also bare good fruits, the peaches are slowly leaving but in comes the apples, cushaws, hubbards and all kind of pumpkins which i get so many they will last till next spring when we start getting our first of year plantings.  I'm making some fig jam for sunday brunch and just got a fresh batch of sorghum in so it's a beautiful world here in PoNo and people, get out and smell virgina, have some fun and forget about the elitous presidential nuts so you don't start having a hard stool.  nice short vaca's during the fall is so much fun and then cold comes and we hunker down and eat all that good stuff we got from the summer while we sit back and just smile, yep, i love autumn, let's do it, xo sydney

Mid-Summer 2015

Hello again, it's an exciting summer so far, my tabascos are looking great (which i use to ferment/age and bottle), corn and peanuts for my Parrots are going to be great this year.  We been lucky, it's hot, a little rain now and then, cool nights and even my bee's are happy.

Oh, happy is my hams, about 90ish in the smoke house so they are aging nicely and checking them last week they are firming up nicely and by late september we'll be eating on the new batch.  I even did a couple in March and will hang for 15 to 20 months for a more italian style known as proscuitto.  It's going on my cheese trays here at stove and will be a great addition

I've entered my D'Lish sauce in 'Made in Virginia' contest Virginia Living Magazine, 'Made in the South' which is done by Garden & Gun magazine and another thing, can't remember but its a kind of convention of different sort but if they like my sauce and select me then i go there and get a whole bunch of more folks selling this stuff so wish me luck there.  Well, this is a short one cause it's inbetween seatings on a saturday night and time for second turn.  bon boe tee to