Late Autumn to early Winter

We'll, it's turning cold here but not to bad yet, i've got tons of winter squash and pumpkins to hold me over till next years crops start to come in.  been winterizing my bees for the cold to.  they had a great summer building a ton of honey, i made them some delicious sugar water cooked with my garden blooms so it's like the real stuff for them, they're very happy and seem to be ready for the cold, i just hope it's nothing like last winter, dam it was cold and i lost a bunch of my babies.

Speaking of D'Lish, it's up for a national award with the group called 'Good Food Award' out in San Francisco where i'll be heading early next year to sell some D'Lish to the west coast.

First part of next year i hope to be putting my next bottling out there called the 'Not Hot' sauce, a spicy but flavorful sauce that actually goes with foodand doesn't but a hole in ur butt, lol

I have from my frin Bruce Edmund of Sam Rust Seafood some lamb coming, he's branching out and in good time, it's been hard to find anyone around local area that can supply to restaurants.  Most cater to the farmer's markets or clubs but now Border Spring Virginia Lamb is coming in tomorrow and i'll be in good shape with a good source now so get ready for some local lamb and it's at a better than national price for lamb.