September, beginning of autumn

WOW, i've been so busy with the bees, garden and cooking i didn't notice that it's time almost for the garden to sleep.  My okra, horseradish and Tabasco are still kicking but they always go to the very last.  it's almost what we call the Indian Summer, hotter than a jet's exhaust but so beautiful at the same time.  My country hams are just now readying and soon my ole bees will slow down and prepare for winter.  we do on occasion have a whisky together during the cold but if it's real cold we don't bother with that.

i've had some great times this summer, on of the best for watermelon of which so far i've eaten 26 and i still have four to go, you would think i would have lost some of that last winter's fat but hell no, it's still there and who cares, that watermelon is so good.  But, what i do really like about autumn is the fish are really good this time of year, i'm getting (wild caught of course) Sockeye Salmon which is about done for the season, Tau Taug, Jumbo Rock fish, Wreck fish, Barrel fish, the list grows but a dam good season for fishes.  Havent had as much time this summer to go on my world's shortest vacations but i think this fall i will.  The eastern shore becons.

this fall will also bare good fruits, the peaches are slowly leaving but in comes the apples, cushaws, hubbards and all kind of pumpkins which i get so many they will last till next spring when we start getting our first of year plantings.  I'm making some fig jam for sunday brunch and just got a fresh batch of sorghum in so it's a beautiful world here in PoNo and people, get out and smell virgina, have some fun and forget about the elitous presidential nuts so you don't start having a hard stool.  nice short vaca's during the fall is so much fun and then cold comes and we hunker down and eat all that good stuff we got from the summer while we sit back and just smile, yep, i love autumn, let's do it, xo sydney