Summer 2016 is here!

I'm glad for warmer weather, got the garden planted, all the rain made it jump with one of the best strawberry crops I've ever had.  Doing the last planting and once done i'll then be on my way to bottling my new sauce, the 'Not Hot' chili sauce.  I grown the Tabasco and other chilies.  after harvest i ferment them for a while in sea salt i smoke then age them in my cousin's ole whiskey barrels before bottling making it in a way a vintage sauce as i produce one to two batches per year.  It's designed to be a hot sauce that is designed to be used with foods of all kinds, is organic and non gmo.  It's delicious just on your finger so look for it in June in stores around the Hampton Roads area or here on this website.

That's all for now, i'll keep you posted as the summer progresses so go out and have fun remembering to come by and eat some good garden foods with fish and meats, xo Sydney