March Madness, Springish notes

Hello all, so February had some crazy warm weather and now, today the 15th o March we are now in 26 degree weather.  Go figure but in spite of that we're gettin on with it with our PoNo Restaurant Week the Third week of March, April, May, June, July, August, September and ending with the growing season in October with the fall pumpkins, squashes and root veggies.  There are still a lot of good food grown for fall and all through winter weather remitting but I do need some time off, lol.

it's time to start the garden soil and in late april it should be ready for the grown.  we're getting the tabasco pepper plants going so they'll be ready for my new raised beds that Georg of Artisan Bakery is building for me.  My bees are starting to roam a little so i know it's not long to good weather and the hams are hanging and aging so it's a beautiful world.

We've redecorated the inside of bar and dinning room with a soothing dark blue which accents my art much better and getting ready to launch my new menu so even we're waking up for spring.  Got a new cocktail list with some fun drinks and just produced a big batch of D-Lish sauce for the grilling season and my aging of the Not Hot tabasco sauce is just about done with it's aging and soon to be bottled so look out spring, here we go, xo sydney