June 27-2015

BLOG POST #1: D'Lish sauce.  This is my long and arduous journey getting to this point in life but i finally did it but not without the help of 125 Kickstarter supporters.  It's designed to be an all purpose sauce which so far has gone with every think i could think of.  it's a great marinade, salad dressing or vinaigrette, a dipping sauce, a sauce that's great with poultry of all types, all seafoods, bi-valves to crustaceans, all meats and wild game, pork, you name it and it's a full 16 fl. oz. bottle at that.

it's currently at stove, also this website, all of the Taste around the area, Clarke farm and some folks i hope with join us.  Patrick Evans-Hylton of Coastal Living Magazine of the July 2015 issue gave us a great big plug for the sauce and the Va Pilot has also featured it several times and then there's me putting it everywhere i can, LOL, but it's so good i want u to have some so get it.

New Menu starts Tuesday so come on in next week and join us for some good fresh foods from all my farmers, fisherman and la Petite Ferme, that's my lil farm across street from stove and my bees are looking lovely and making a ton of honey, best year yet for them.

that's all for now, got to go bake for tonight, remember, a day without rain is like a day with sunshine, xo sydney